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Lake Bled Fishing Holidays

Experience the ultimate fishing getaway at Lake Bled with plenty of opportunities to reel in the catch of a lifetime from a variety of fish species.
From 2 days
April 1 - December 31
From: 297€/person

Increase your chances of catching a giant-sized carp

Take it easy by staying in Bled for multiple days

Spend some wonderful days at the Slovenian jewel — Lake Bled

Fill up your camera with photos of your trophy-sized catches

Bled castle and island

Spend multiple days fishing at Lake Bled

giant carp lake bled fishing

Catch a giant carp at lake Bled

pike lake bled fisher

Catch a predator like pike

lake bled wonderful fishing destination

Lake Bled is a great fishing destination

Pletna ride and Bled castle in the background

Go sightseeing in the surrounding area

Bled castle and island
giant carp lake bled fishing
pike lake bled fisher
lake bled wonderful fishing destination
Pletna ride and Bled castle in the background

Included in price

Professional Guide


Fishing License


One-day Lake Bled Fishing trip is great, but it’s sometimes not enough to do everything possible here. The difficult but rewarding fishing conditions at Lake Bled make it the perfect destination for those who want to test their skills and try to catch something truly special. 

If up for the challenge, consider spending a few extra days fishing at Lake Bled with the help of our experienced local guide. They can help you make the most of your time on the water and increase your chances of success.

Lake Bled fishing holidays are a great way to explore the various fishing spots and try out different techniques. If you’re interested in stalking, our guide can help show you the best ways to approach and land your catch. It’s also the perfect opportunity to hunt for different species, making this more than just a carp fishing holiday.

To make your trip as stress-free as possible, we also offer equipment rentals for multiple days, so you don’t have to worry about packing and transporting your gear.

Why Choose Lake Bled for Your Multiday Fishing Holiday?

Lake Bled, cradled in the embrace of the majestic Julian Alps, unfolds a captivating scene for a multiday fishing retreat. The tranquil waters are a haven for a plethora of fish species including the elusive Carp, predatory Pike, and the impressive Catfish, among others. 

The thriving ecosystem, complemented by the scenic vistas, transforms each fishing expedition into a cherished narrative. Our adept professional guides, with a rich understanding of the local fishing locales and techniques, enrich your fishing sojourn, making it both gratifying and enlightening.

Beyond the unparalleled fishing escapade, Lake Bled’s tranquil ambiance offers a much-needed respite from the daily grind. Our multiday fishing holidays are meticulously crafted to balance adventure and learning with comfort and leisure. 

Whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice, this trip offers a golden opportunity to refine your fishing prowess under the seasoned eye of professional guides, while the serene environment provides a rejuvenating retreat.

What to Expect on a Bled Fishing Holiday

Your fishing holiday unfurls with expert guidance as each reservation entails a seasoned guide from the local fishing club, adept at leading both small and larger groups. 

Their local expertise significantly enhances your fishing venture as they unveil the prized fishing spots of Lake Bled. While personal fishing equipment is welcomed, rest assured that all requisite gear is provided for those in need.

Daily sustenance is well taken care of with a provision of a lunch box, snacks, and drinks. During the multiday fishing holidays, a visit to a local market is organized for a personalized selection of food and drinks, alongside cooler boxes to keep your provisions fresh. 

The thoughtful organization of every aspect of your fishing holiday ensures a hassle-free, delightful, and fruitful experience amidst the breathtaking tableau of Slovenia’s cherished lake.

How to Prepare for a Bled Fishing Holiday

Initiate your preparation by confirming your reservation, inclusive of the professional guide slated to accompany you throughout the excursion. Packing your personal fishing gear and preferred end tackle like hooks, lures, and weights is encouraged. 

Knowledge of local fishing regulations is crucial, yet the assistance in acquiring the necessary fishing permit upon arrival simplifies this process, with costs ranging between 45 to 60 euros based on your fishing preferences.

Dressing in layers and donning weather-appropriate attire will augment your fishing experience. Sun protection essentials are advisable, especially during the summer. Communication of dietary preferences in advance is beneficial, ensuring your nutritional needs are met. 

Prepare a mindset of learning and revelry, as our professional guides, rich in local fishing lore, are eager to enhance your Bled fishing saga.

Come Fishing With Us!

Set sail on a mesmerizing fishing odyssey with us at the tranquil Lake Bled, where each ripple on the lake’s surface beckons a promise of discovery and serenity forms the canvas of your angling journey. 

The Julian Alps and the iconic Bled Island craft a picturesque panorama, immortalizing each moment.

Join us to unveil a realm of tranquility, leisure, and the pure joy of melding with nature. The waters of Lake Bled are awaiting your exploration; an enthralling multiday fishing adventure, punctuated by laughter, learning, and the lure of the catch, is merely a reservation away.

Professional Fishing Guides

Our local fishers know the best spots and will help you get some great catches on the day of your fishing trip.

Only the Best

Our professional team with an in-depth knowledge of Slovenia has cherry-picked the best fishing areas in the country.

Based in Slovenia

As locals, we adapt the fishing trip to the conditions on the ground, striving to provide the best possible fishing experience at a given moment.

Trusted by Many

We have been operating since 2014 and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.

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